About Us

Birmingham made and Texas raised - Shemieka Nicole, owner of 1 Sweet Honeybee, is a multicultural hairstylist in Flower Mound, TX. She is a veteran in the beauty industry with 16 years of service in the hair industry. 

She is a single mother of one son whom she wanted  to impart the values that with hard work and the motivation to be successful-anything is possible. Not only is Shemieka a successful hairstylist and owner of 1 sweet Honeybee, but she is also a Hairstylist and Business Coach who teaches other beauty industry pros on how to achieve success in the beauty industry.

The Invigorating Mint Collection in the haircare line was born out of the need for her clients to have a healthy scalp because Shemieka believes that it is the foundation for healthy hair. The products are great for the entire family and with consistent use have helped so many people with their scalp issues such as dandruff and dry/itchy scalp.

Because she believes in ethical practices, the products are cruelty free and actually work!

She believes in empowering the women she serves not only through enhancing their outer beauty but by imparting in them with words of wisdom to honor and acknowledge their value within themselves.

“My passion is educating clients on how to be their own hair goals through the use of great products, consistency, and understanding the uniqueness of their hair”